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Kerr Pelto



Phone: 919-539-8079

Professional Info

​I am a professionsal calligrapher, lettering artist, and calligraphic teacher.

What I Do

I have been a student of Calligraphy since 1978 when I took my first one-hour class. Starting in 1997, I became serious and started taking classes and workshops to learn as much as I could about the different styles of lettering and their applications. I have taken workshops from Annie Cicale, Ann Cowie, Joyce Teta, Julian Waters, Rachel Yallop, Randall Hasson, Mark Oatis, Barbara Close, and others. 




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2010 - present
2010 - present

I have taught many, many classes, both to groups and to individuals - Formal Italic, Brush Italic, Copperplate, Uncial, Neuland, Pressure & Release Pencil, Decorated Letters, Chalkboarding, Ruling Pen, and others.

I enjoy figuring out interesting commissions to letter. I've lettered on planting boxes, on fence posts, on chalkboards, on fabric as well as the normal lettering on paper for weddings or personal commissions. 

I enjoy meeting you and getting a feel for who you are, then designing your piece to fit your personality.

I really like lettering things that are out of the ordinary; quirky and fun. I get the most pleasure from meeting you, hearing your ideas, and figuring out how to put your thoughts on paper with lettering that suits your personality or your idea. Let me hear your idea! I want to design that special piece for you.

And let's not forget that I LOVE to write Personal Fairytales! I listen to your love story, then write it as a fairytale, flourishing it with words, lettering, and art. It's so much fun! 

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